How to start a project?

You can give Will and the team a call, or use our form to book in a meeting. Either way, we’re looking forward to discussing any projects you have in mind.

What does Loft Et Cetera make?

Loft make an array of furniture, art works, commercial fit-outs and anything else that is design focused.

What equipment does Loft Et Cetera have?

Loft Et Cetera is equipped with all the necessary machinery and software to tackle any project big or small, one-off or multi-unit. Equipment includes, but not limited to; ****insert machines here****

Can we collaborate on a project?

Yes! Collaboration is a huge part of Loft Et Cetera, from one-off personal artistic creations, to multi-unit manufacturing. If you share our passion for design and love of materials we want to work with you.

What inspires Loft Et Cetera?

Loft is inspired by nature and the sustainable materials and proven construction methods that help make their projects timeless. Loft looks to artists and creators like ****insert names here**** for inspiration and drive. Will and his team love being challenged, be it by physics or the limitations of a material, it inspires them to learn and implement new skills and find ingenious solutions.

Explain why Et Cetera?

“Not bound by limits, constant inspiration, artistic freedom, et cetera.”

Et Cetera means that Loft isn’t bound by limits. There’s a constant utilising and honing of skills, freedom, growth, education and collaborations that allow Loft to broaden their scope on what can be designed, built, produced, installed, manufactured... Et Cetera.

Where do you deliver?

Loft delivers Australia-wide, via our trusted delivery partners.