Loft Et Cetera is a design firm and makers studio producing crafted, handmade custom goods that exemplify and push sustainable design.

Founder Will Loft has a Master’s in Architecture from RMIT University and previously founded Osk Architecture. He also worked extensively as an assistant for the prominent Melbourne contemporary artist, Alexander Knox. Will is inspired by the materials and spaces he can shape, whether in reclaimed wood or steel, in a home, or commercial space. He uses his love for design to find solutions for his clients.

Collaboration is a huge part of design, manufacturing, and production at Loft Et Cetera. In teaming up with passionate people who have mastered old and new methods, Loft creates pieces that reflect the aligned passions of these creators, designers, artists, et cetera.

Based out of a laboratory-like workspace in Coburg, Loft creates unique pieces and fit outs for various clients who value timeless design and intelligent use of materials. Having highly skilled and motivated creators means that Loft's construction can be kept in-house when developing furniture, art, retail fit outs, carpentry, steel fabrication, joinery, et cetera.